Raspberry pi 3 Model B KIT

Raspberry pi 3 Model B KIT

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Raspberry pi 3 Model B KIT


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Raspberry pi 3 Model B KIT







This is a raspberry pi starter kit.

5V 2.5A power supply is the standard configuration for raspberry pi 3.

16GB SD card can satisfy the basic needs.

CPU fan and heat sink make heat dissipation better.

Acrylic case is beautiful but frgile,please be carefully when you install the acrylic case.

HDMI cable is used to connect the raspberry pi with display with HDMI interface.




Package Iist:


1 x UK Made RS Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board


1 X Transparent Acrylic Case


1 X 16 GB Class 10 SD Card


1 x Aluminum Heat Sink


1 x Copper Heat Sink


1 X CPU Fan


1 X 5V 2.5A Power Adapter


1 X 1.5M HDMI to HDMI Cable



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